Xiamen Yuanjinghe Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional aluminum foil tape OEM factory, we provide one stop customized service, the aluminum foil tape thickness, width, length, shape (serrated, die cut, small pieces are acceptable) and the packaging will make according to your need.


We also provide various kinds of aluminum foil tape, such as die cut aluminum foil tape, aluminum foil tape with non conductive adhesive, aluminum foil tape without liner, aluminum foil tape with conductive tape, double sided aluminum tape, aluminum mylar tape (Polyester PET Laminated aluminum Foil Tape), aluminum fiberglass tape (fiber glass reinforce aluminum foil tape),  and so on.

There are many good feature about the aluminum foil tape:

  • Excellent adhesion to polypropylene, low energy and hard to adhere to surfaces,rigid fiberglass duct board and flexible air duct;
  • Excellent performance across a wide variety of environmental conditions and temperature range. Excellent low temperature bonding;
  • Flexible and easy to use to create airtight bonds;
  • Superior stability during extreme fluctuations in temperature;
  • Excellent vapor barrier & low WVTR;
  • Excellent initial and long term adhesion;
  • Excellent chemical and thermal stability.

aluminum foil tape feature

The aluminum foil tapes are widely use in insulation and duct sealing in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning market and electromagnetic protection in the electronic industry.

  • Excellent for sealing joints and seams of foil-faced reflective insulation materials
    Seaming and patching matching vinyl facing in metal building and water heater insulation.
  • For sealing and joining aluminum-backed duct wrap, creating water and vapor barriers, and for temporary metal repair.
  • For joining and sealing joints, connections and seams on rigid fiberglass ductboard and flexible air duct.
  • For joining and sealing of flexible air duct seams and connections,and seaming foil and FSK insulation
  • For joining and sealing aluminum-backed and fibrous insulation and metal ductwork in temperatures ranging from -20 F to 260 F; Also used to repair metal and sheet metal.

aluminum foil tape use

To help the aluminum foil tape online shop keepers to start their business, we will try our best to provide high quality acrylic adhesive products (ROHS and Halogen Compliants ), low MOQ (more than 10 rolls), mixed batch are acceptable,  with short delivery time (3-7 days) and customized packaging, so that they will suitable for amazon, ebay sellers.

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We have cooperated with 76 logistics companies, by sea , air or express delivery, we can give you the best solution in the shortest time. we are also the alibaba trade assurance gold suppliers, your money are safe until you received the undamaged goods.

As a factory, there are 3 times quality control to make sure the products with high quality.

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As an one stop aluminum foil tape factory, we have the coating machine, rewinding machines, die cut machines, slitting machines, cutting machines, test machines and packaging machines.

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